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.. Thinking, in your customers!
It was with this message that appeared in 2001 Costa & Cruz. Its sole purpose the hotel business, specializes in the manufacture of a quality article and especially long lasting because there is a constant concern to intense wear this type of article is submitted in Hotels.

In fact what distinguishes our products of home textiles called is precisely the type of cooking that is made here. It is through the quality of our items we want to keep up with new market requirements, thus giving greater comfort and safety for those who enjoy them, focusing on maintaining a professional relationship and trust with your customers, giving answers, advice and solutions.

Costa & Cruz while being the latest textile company working with the hotel market is already today one of the largest sector benchmarks and has the particularity that was created and strategically conceived specifically for this market. With an innovative image, fast service and delegations around the country, Costa & Cruz has stood largely a bet on new concepts, versatility in manufacturing and also in an extremely dynamic, creative and innovative team in the way you present yourself to hotel .
Costa & Cruz seeks to be attentive to the new needs of the hotel market, finding themselves in constant research of new materials and solutions for the quality, innovation of products we offer to our customers, adding value to your business.

Costa & Cruz, is concerned with the materials used and the safety of the products it offers to its customers and therefore seeks to offer different options to their customers and the necessary information on all materials provided.
The comfort of customers in the Hotel industry and your health are also a concern of Costa & Cruz. We provide our customers with options of easy to clean materials and with specific characteristics such as the introduction of antimicrobial products, anti-mite and anti-moth in the textile finishing process, providing the concept of textile "healthy".
Visit us and find out where is the difference!


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